Killers of gangsters in Port Moody may ‘never be identified’

There is every possibility that two recent gang-related shootings in Port Moody will not be solved for years to come.

A spokesperson for the Vancouver Police Department, which is investigating the two shootings on behalf of the Port Moody Police Department, noted there are no new leads in the case of the most recent shooting.

VPD Const. Lindsey Houghton said officers were at the scene canvassing potential witnesses the day after the murder, but the effort turned up nothing new.
He added it could take years for the crime to be solved.

“It’s a combination of luck and all sorts of other things, if they’re even solved,” Houghton said.

On June 25, gangster Randy Naicker was gunned down on busy Queens Street during rush hour.

Naicker was the founder of the Independent Soldiers and had a criminal past.

In May, another gangster, Gurbinder Singh Toor, was gunned down in the parking lot of the Port Moody Recreation Complex just after sundown.

The victim was exiting his car to play ball hockey when he was shot.

There have been few leads in that case, but police believe the suspect vehicle was a Nissan Murano.

Investigators put up posters with the description of the vehicle at the recreation centre in hopes of getting new tips.

Simon Fraser University criminologist Robert Gordon believes there is no chance the shooters will be brought to justice.

He suggested the shooters were likely “imports,” who were brought into the area for that one specific purpose. They likely picked up the firearm for the shooting and then disposed of it shortly afterwards. In the case of the Naicker shooting, witnesses said the gunmen wore masks to cover their face. “They’ll never be identified,” Gordon said. The two shootings were the first homicides in Port Moody in nearly a decade.