Killer toothbrush! Surrey abandons case over dangerous tooth brush

Saliha Alnoor was seeking damages after claiming a toothbrush broke and injured her. Media photo

A Surrey woman who sued Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc. over allegations she suffered serious injuries when a toothbrush broke apart while she was brushing her teeth, abandoned her lawsuit on Wednesday. In a case that attracted world wide attention Saliha Alnoor brought the action on Tuesday and withdrew the case in the B.C. Supreme court in Vancouver, after a judge made several rulings against her.
Alnoor sued in the B.C. Supreme Court Just. claiming that her toothbrush broke and severely injured her mouth while she was brushing five years ago. Alnoor said she was brushing her teeth in Oct. 2006 when the handle of her Colgate Active Angle toothbrush broke in two places. The toothbrush tore her gums, which began to bleed profusely. Alnoor passed out.