Jinny Sims named immigration critic in NDP shadow cabinet

OTTAWA – Official Opposition Leader, Tom Mulcair, named Jinny Sims to his shadow cabinet as NDP Critic for Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism. The new portfolio was seen by many as a significant promotion for Newton – North Delta’s rookie MP.

“I am honoured to have been asked by our new leader to serve in such a critical role,” said Sims. “I look forward to holding this government to account, when necessary, and proposing positive solutions to help newcomers to Canada.”

Sims said her priority will be pushing the government to move towards a fair, efficient, transparent and accountable immigration system and an end the restrictive immigration measures based on secretive and arbitrary decisions by the immigration minister.

“We have seen the mess our system is in first hand in our riding,” said Sims. “Families waiting years to be reunified with their loved ones, visitor visas rejected without cause and foreign credentials not being properly recognized are just some of the many problems we see on a daily basis.”

Sims had been serving as the NDP’s Deputy Foreign Affairs Critic responsible for International Cooperation and Consular Affairs. She vowed to remain active on international issues while focusing on her new portfolio and the broad range of issues of concern to the communities of Delta and Surrey.