Insurgent (PG) ***

Rebel Force!

InsurgentYoung adult heroics in a futurist society provide lots of excitement in Insurgent. Call this the second in the teen heartthrob Divergent series to be. No, it really is not that essential to have seen the first Divergent movie. All that previous hit did was introduce us to the characters.

Let the struggle continue in this dynamic tale that puts two “societal” groups against one another: one good, the other bad. Oh yeah, there is a “peace” theme spread throughout this well-paced 119 minute movie from EOne Entrtainment. Expect long line-ups at Cineplex Odeon theatres around B.C. to usher in this new installment.

Traitors and family divides contribute largely to the angst so apparent in Insurgent. Rather reluctant Female warrior Tris again finds herself at the centre of all the chaos. Coy and shy ready to rock and roll in a tomboyish sort of way is Shailene Woodley who plays it cool in another successful nail biter of a role. Doom and gloom is just par for the chorus as Tris and boy pal Four try to outrun , blend in and outfox the enemy. Bold and cocky as ever is Theo James as Four, a guy you definitely want in your corner, especially when the stakes are so high and the chips are down. Watch as the two pals dodge all sorts of dangers in an ever tightening noose.

Good adventure yarns need good villains and with Insurgent we are served up with some pretty capable and potent leading ladies – some good, some evil. You decide the moral compass of Jeanine, a woman of scruples played deliciously by Kate Winslet (Titanic) in sinister sister mode. Other big names to take part in this race against time to save freedom fest include Oscar winning Octavia Spencer (The Help) who provides just a touch of mild levity and newly minted Hawaii 5-0’s own white-suited handsome Daniel Dae Kim. And hot off his impressive drum virtuoso in show stopping Whiplash comes Miles Teller as a less telling chameleon.

Ties that bind have a not so funny Way of coming back to haunt many of our prime heroes and heroines as a sense of impending doom sets in. How it will all turn out helps makes this fantasy engaging if not surreal.

Restrained violence and an eerie futuristic setting combine with heroics and man to man action as a battle royal looms. Brace yourself for plenty of action as a series of alliances and allegiances shift with catastrophic results. A surprise here, a surprise there hits home in a fantastical way with reckless abandon.

Director Robert Schwentke gets good mileage out of his cast. Emotions run high in this entertaining escapade whose message of a better brave new world is an utopian desire we can all hope for.