Indo-Canadian student on Rwanda genocide panel

By Voice staff reporter

ABBOTSFORD – For first year Quest University student Dylan Kular, it has always been a passion to active in school and seek opportunities to enlighten himself on global issues and to his surprise he was chosen to be the initial 12 students across North America to be part of Rwanda Genocide Awareness project representing STAND – a genocide awareness organization for youth in Canada.

Kular, who is also a top player with Quest men’s varsity basketball team, is a avid volunteer both within and outside of Quest University.

As a student active within school events and student life, he volunteers with the admissions department, and holds the position of a Student Ambassador/Mentor for prospective students.

“I enjoy my role as a student mentor/Mentor immensely, as it gives me the opportunity to share with others how Quest has shaped both my education and outlook on the world around me into one idea, as well as shown me how to utilize my newfound skills in the real world,” Dylan said.

“Outside of Quest I volunteer with a homeless shelter in downtown Squamish, and also with STAND: An anti-genocide awareness youth group of Canada.”

Kular said for him, Genocide has been a topic of great interest since his last year of high school, when he was first introduced to this horrific fact of life that is commonplace in Africa and could very well take place again.

“Since my eyes were opened by what the reality of genocide is, I have investigated ways become involved with and support the awareness of anti-genocide, which is how I came to know of STAND,” he said.

“I have been with the group for a year now, and in that time I have learned a great deal more about the issue of genocide around the world. STAND has offered me the amazing opportunity of travelling to Rwanda and learning hands on about the catastrophic genocide that occurred in 1994, and how the people of Rwanda have been trying to cope and rebuild both their life and home ever since.”

STAND has organized for those selected for this opportunity to spend four weeks in Rwanda in which Kular’s group will spend our time attending conferences, memorial sites, and volunteering with Non-governmental organizations.

“My purpose within this mission is to assist STAND by observing and collecting a firsthand knowledge and passion for those who have suffered through genocide, so that I may share it with those all around me and inform as many as I can in an effort to create a world awareness that will hopefully lead one day to a genocide free world,” he said

Kular hopes to one day base his career around great need for International Development and he knows that this experience will help shape his perspective and further my ability to make a change.

To do such important work costs money and Kular is working hard to raise approximately $6,000 related to his Rwanda mission.

He is hoping to fund raise the funds from community and business sponsors, who he is confident will support a worthy mission. For those looking to support Dylan Kular, they can email him at [email protected] or call him at 604-308-6281.