1. If the BC and federal govts’ have a mutual objective of attracting investments from domestic and overseas companies and individuals to all of Metro Vancouver, and not just to MV’s “North of Fraser” sub-region, then Horgan and Trudeau should conduct a joint press conference wherein they commit both of their respective govts to:

    1) Establishing a joint task force* that would be charged with promoting and facilitating MV’s perennially neglected “South of Fraser” (SOF) sub-region’s economic development;

    * Made up of representatives of the BC and federal govts, and South of Fraser cities;

    2) Relocating most or all of the existing (BC govt, fed govt and other) social services from Surrey City Centre and other SOF Urban Centres and Regional City Centres) area…

    … while emphasizing the severe impediments that have resulted from decisions** to saturate Surrey’s City Centre (and Surrey’s other Urban/Regional City Centres) with social services and make-work-project non profit agencies…

    ** previous Surrey and BC govt administrations’ misguided decisions)

    3) Paying for at least two-thirds of the construction costs of a NETWORK of SkyTrain lines in the South of Fraser area that would connect existing and to-be-designated SOF Urban Centres, Regional City Centres and Municipal Town Centres;

    Why should the already extensively developed North of Fraser sub-region receive a fifth legitimate rapid-transit (SkyTrain) line- the planned $8.5 Billion UBC subway- while the perennially neglected, under-developed, much larger (geographically)- and far faster growing (in population) South of Fraser is, ridiculously, offered a $1.6 Billion 19th century-technology FAKE rapid-transit street-car (“LRT”) line- that the vast majority of SOF business owners and residents don’t want??


    https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/what-will-or-should-burnaby-do-with-its-1b-reserve-fund-1.4253774 :

    “(North of Fraser city Burnaby) has accumulated more than $1 billion*** in reserve funding… Community benefits, much of it in the form of cash, have been coughed up by developers in exchange for building homes with more density”

    *** Over $1.7 Billion as Jan 2020)


    “(Burnaby’s)… high-rise developments are being concentrated in four town centres linked by rapid transit: Metrotown, Brentwood, Edmonds, and Lougheed… to allow more places for people to live,”… we have designated for high density: density around (rapid) transit, housing around transit.’”

    Burnaby’s developers’ investments boom would not have occurred if the city did not have a network of legitimate**** rapid-transit (SkyTrain) lines connecting the city’s 4 “town centres”, and instead had been given what the previous (un-objective, heavily politicized) Metro Vancouver and Translink Boards attempted to impose on South of Fraser cities: FAKE rapid-transit street-car (“LRT”) lines (in-middle-of-roadway, human driven, SLOW!!)…

    **** Automated (computer-driven), separated-from-roadway, RAPID transit lines;

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