Harper announces winners of 2012 PM’s Volunteer Awards

Prime Minister Stephen Harper today honoured winners of the first Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards (PMVA) at a ceremony on Parliament Hill. He was accompanied by Diane Finley, Minister of Human Resources and Skills Development.

“Today’s awards recognize volunteers – including individuals, businesses and organizations – who are making exceptional contributions to the well-being of families and communities across our country,” said the Prime Minister. “It is a privilege to honour today’s remarkable award recipients who, through their tireless efforts and innovative partnerships, are making Canada a better place to live.”

The awards recognize 15 individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations in five regions across Canada as well as two national recipients, one for lifelong achievement and one for emerging leaders. In addition to volunteerism, the awards also highlight best practices in community leadership and encourage partnerships across sectors.

Regional award recipients are:

• Community Leader – Ashid Bahl (Prairies), Alfreda Bérubé (Atlantic), Richard Busque (Quebec), Rich Goulet (British Columbia and the North) and Dr. Rick Irvin (Ontario).
• Business Leader – Caisse populaire de Clare (Atlantic), Canadian Pacific Holiday Train (Prairies), Savoie & Savoie, avocats (Quebec), TELUS (British Columbia and the North) and Ziebarth Electrical Contractors Ltd. (Ontario).

• Social Innovator – Child Development Institute: SNAP (Stop Now And Plan) Model (Ontario), Exploits Valley Community Coalition (Atlantic), Go le Grand Défi Inc. (Quebec), Ilisaqsivik Society (British Columbia and the North) and the Lo-Se-Ca Foundation (Prairies).

National award recipients are:

• Lifelong Achievement – Randy Fowler (Calgary, Alberta)
• Emerging Leader – Timea E. Nagy (Hamilton, Ontario)

The recipients, who were selected through a rigorous assessment process, were presented with medals, certificates and lapel pins. As part of their recognition package, each recipient will identify a not-for-profit organization to receive a one-time funding grant in their honour. Organizations identified by the 15 regional award recipients will each receive $5,000, and those identified by the two national award recipients will each receive $10,000.