Feds looking to stop handing citizenship to babies born on Canadian soil

The Feds are not just looking at kicking out immigrants who commit crimes they are also targeting those who just come here to have a baby.

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney says the federal government is looking to make changes to the automatic citizenship rule.

“We are actually looking at changes to the citizenship act to end this right of automatically inheriting Canadian citizenship if you are born on Canadian soil we have a lot of visitors who don’t even have permanent status in Canada show up with the sole purpose of giving birth on Canadian soil to Canadian kids who then get citizenship.”

Kenney says the mother or parents use social services they aren’t paying for and then usually leave the country and the baby is then leveraged to sponsor the parents back into Canada.

He says the current rule simply doesn’t keep with the spirit of Canada’s citizenship laws.

Long waits for surgery costing Canadians over one billion dollars

Long waits for surgery are costing Canadians over one billion dollars according to the Fraser Institute.

The report says waiting times are costing Canadians over one billion dollars a year, $116 million here in BC.

Health Minister Mike De Jong says BC has reduced waits for many procedures.

“But there is certainly more work to be done, and we’re committed to doing it.”

De Jong’s not ready to endorse the institute’s call for more private sector competition in health care, nor will NDP critic Mike Farnworth.

“British Columbians and Canadians in general have made it clear to government of all political stripes that what they want is a public health care system.”

Farnworth says Canadians do not want to copy the US health care system. But actually the US health system is very strong and many Canadians also use it. There is no point in keep on suffering pain because the wait list for surgery in Canada is way too long. People deserve better than that.