Extra security planned on public transportation this week

Anne Drennan with Transit Police says it’s all part of a plan to try to and find the person responsible for placing the crude bomb along the Expo line last Friday.

She says the ground search — which has been extensive — is now spilling into the online world.

“We have doen a thorough investigation into social media sites, looking for any potential threats or any bragging that may go on about someone who might feel some pride,” Drennan says.

Transit Police have received many tips from riders over the weekend and Drennan is encouraging people to come forward if they have any information or notice unusual activity.

“We want the public to be hyper vigilant, super alert, you’re our eyes and ears, anything suspicious we want to hear about.”

Drennan adds provincial and federal security enforcement partners are now involved and that the organization is looking into possibly putting cameras along the SkyTrain line and adding signs to get riders to report suspicious activity.

In the meantime, most riders feel safe on transit.

“I certainly feel safe on the Skytrain and at the same time I think I just have a little faith in humanity, maybe these things aren’t going to really happen,” says one man.

“I never really thought about it before these incidents occurred. I’ve been more concerned with some of the people…cameras are a good idea, but usually you look at them after something happens,” adds another man.