Expanded Licence Plate Program Honours Canadian Forces

VANCOUVER – As B.C. Legion Week wraps up, the B.C. government is announcing an expansion to the veteran’s licence plate program to include currently serving Canadian Forces members.

From June 24 to 30, B.C. Legion Week showcases the work and contributions of the BC/Yukon Legion. As part of the government’s recognition of the dedication and commitment of those who serve their country, commemorative veteran’s licence plates will now be available to current members of the Canadian Forces who hold a trade qualification.

This expands the existing veteran’s licence plate program that began on June 6, 2004, proclaimed Juno Beach Day. The British Columbia Veterans Commemorative Association worked closely with government at the time and has been instrumental in working to achieve this expansion of the program.

The specially designed plates, which feature a powder blue background and a red poppy, are currently available to veterans who served during war time or in a postwar capacity as well as veterans who served during a NATO or UN operation, including members of the RCMP and Municipal Police.

Starting September 1, 2012, currently serving members of the Canadian Forces – both regular and reserve – can apply for plates under the expanded program by submitting an application form, supported by proof of service and a one-time $5 administrative fee. Once confirmed, veterans can order their plates through Autoplan brokers.

Colonel Rob Roy MacKenzie, Commander, 39 Canadian Brigade Group said, “On behalf of the Regular and Reserve sailors, soldiers, airmen, and airwomen who are serving in B.C., I’d like to thank the provincial government and the veteran groups for extending this program to our ranks. Whether representing Canada during international peacekeeping, security, and combat operations abroad, or assisting civil authorities during domestic operations here at home, our members are proud to serve their country and community.”