Disgraced Mountie Robinson quits force

Corporal Benjamin Monty Robinson was going to be sentenced on Friday but before that he quit on his own.

Nearly four years after a young man from Delta was killed by a suspected drunk driver, the off-duty Mountie Robinson eventually convicted of obstructing justice, was going to receive a sentence.
But on the day of his sentencing Friday, Robinson quit his job.

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Craig Callens had said he wanted Robinson fired.

Robinson put in his resignation papers, and Friday morning, Callens signed his discharge documents.

In a statement, Callens says the “opportunity to discharge” Robinson “eliminate[s] further delays, costs and uncertainty.”

Since he is no longer an RCMP officer, Robinson does not have to go through any disciplinary actions under the RCMP Act.

Other than the statement, the RCMP are not commenting further on this matter.

In October of 2008, the now-41-year old Robinson left the scene of the crash that killed 21-year old motorcyclist Orion Hutchinson.

There was evidence he had been drinking before the crash, but he went home and downed two shots of vodka before going back.

In March, Justice Janice Dillon admonished him for deliberately misleading investigators and not trying to help the victim.