Delta teen Brandon Bassi honoured in B.C. Legislature

Brandon Bassi 2000-2019

THE memory of Delta teen Brandon Bassi was honoured in the speech from the throne at the B.C. Legislature this week, with Lieutenant-Governor Janet Austin recognizing Bassi as a leader in sport who was lost in the past year. New Democrat MLA Ravi Kahlon also a made statement in the Legislature in memory of Bassi.

“Brandon Bassi was an incredible young man with the entire world ahead of him,” said Ravi Kahlon, MLA for Delta North. “It was very powerful to see his name recognized in the beginning of the throne speech, along with many others who have contributed so much.”

Bassi was killed in a car crash in Surrey on May 18, 2019. The 19-year old was known for his exceptional athletic abilities and for his dream of making a difference in his community. 

Transcript of MLA Kahlon’s statement follows:

“I want to start just recognizing, in the beginning of the throne speech, there were many people who we’ve lost in the last year that were recognized. It’s a tradition of throne speeches of all governments to recognize these people –– some civil servants, some people prominent in B.C. –– who made B.C. a better place.

“I want to say something that hits close to home: the mention of Brandon Bassi. I know that the Minister of Labour and I have both spoken about what a great loss Brandon was to our community. This young man, a soccer superstar, had the entire world ahead of him, and we lost him way too soon. The community is still shook up. I visited the local high school just recently, and the kids still talk about him. He had graduated already, and the local basketball team still recognized him because he was such an important figure for the local high school basketball team. I know that his family are keeping his legacy alive.

“I think I can join the Minister of Labour, I was so happy when I saw this video of his club team winning the national championships and them celebrating when they were lifting the trophy. They paused for a moment to let his dad come on to the field and pick up that trophy. I think it was a very emotional moment for anyone that knew Brandon but also anyone that knows the family or is associated with soccer in this province. So it was such an honour to see his name recognized in the beginning of the throne speech, along with many others who have contributed so much.”


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