David Suzuki turns down invite to run for the BC Green party

BC Green party desperate to find high profile candidates for the next provincial elections were in for a disappointment when David Suzuki said no thanks.

Leader Jane Sterk admitted they have approached David Suzuki to run for the party but he declined the offer.

However Sterk says Suzuki will be helping the party out, in a way, when it is time for election campaigning.

“David is too old he indicates and so he is going to be helping Andrew Weaver in Andrew’s election bid for Oak Bay-Gordon Head we are approaching other high profile people and so I am hoping to get four or five of those people around the province.”

Sterk adds Suzuki isn’t so much endorsing the party as helping a friend by throwing his weight behind the weaver campaign.

“Not in an organizational capacity he is going to assist Andrew Weaver they have a personal friendship and he really respects Andrew and would like to see Andrew get elected so it is not a general party recognition as much as it is recognition for an individual that he thinks would be an asset to the legislature.”

The riding is currently held by BC Liberal MLA and Aboriginal Relations Minister Ida Chong.