David Suzuki says the ocean is not a garbage can

Famed environmentalist David Suzuki says Greater Victoria must stop dumping sewage into the ocean, and he hasn’t endorsed the Green party candidate in the riding or the party’s position on the sewage issue.

Suzuki clarified his appearance at a Nov. 19 rally of more than 1,300 Green Party of Canada supporters in Victoria this week, saying he was asked by the party to attend. He gave a keynote address about environmental issues.

Many interpreted his presence as an endorsement for candidate Donald Galloway, including, it appears, the candidate himself. A door flyer distributed by the Galloway campaign Thursday read that he is “endorsed by David Suzuki,” among others.

But when asked directly whether he endorsed Galloway or the Green party, Suzuki said, “No.”

“My position is I’d speak to any group that asked me to speak,” he told the Times Colonist in an interview. “If [Prime Minister Stephen] Harper wanted me to speak to the Conservatives, I’d be happy to do that.”

Green Party of Canada leader Elizabeth May said she knows that Suzuki, who is a friend, doesn’t feel comfortable making endorsements.
Suzuki also waded into Greater Victoria’s contentious sewage-treatment debate.