CIBC Poll: Every nation in World Cup has a cheering section in Canada’s multicultural mosaic

FIFA World CupA new CIBC poll finds that all 32 countries competing in this year’s FIFA World Cup have a passionate fan base in Canada – from debutant Bosnia-Herzegovina to defending champion Spain.

With the poll showing that nearly half (46 per cent) of Canadians will be cheering for their favourite country during the tournament, their two most popular picks are: England (24 per cent) and World Cup host Brazil (13 per cent).

In the poll, top reasons for backing a FIFA team cited by Canadians who will be cheering include: familial roots or personal connection to the country, or they like the country or its style of play.

* 29 per cent of Canadians who say they will be cheering during the FIFA World Cup™ are doing so simply because they “just like the country”
* 26 per cent favour one FIFA country over another because of their heritage
* 14 per cent are rooting for a country because of its style of play
* 10 per cent are backing a country because they were born in or lived in that country
* 9 per cent are cheering for a country because their favourite club team or player is from that country

“Our poll clearly shows how multicultural Canada is,” says Stephen Forbes, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Communications and Public Affairs, CIBC. “With sport having the power to enrich our communities and inspire our youth, we’re excited to celebrate the world’s most popular sport with Canadians at our cross-country CIBC Soccer Nation Tour.”

As the Official Canadian Bank in Association with Visa of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, CIBC is bringing the CIBC Soccer Nation Tour to Canadians, in partnership with CBC. This mobile soccer festival, with outdoor live-TV game broadcasts, freestyle soccer players, cheering booths and more fun activities, kicked off on June 13 in Vancouver with the Spain vs. Netherlands match. Other tour stops include Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Montreal, Ottawa and Toronto. For full details, visit

Canadians will also have the opportunity to cast a vote for their favourite World Cup country on CIBC’s interactive Fan Standings chart and share their love for the team via #CIBCSoccerNation.

Top five countries chosen by Canadians who will be cheering during the 2014 FIFA World Cup, by percentage:
England: 24%
Brazil: 13%
U.S.: 9%
Germany: 9%
Italy: 8%

Top five countries that Canadians have personally visited, by percentage:
U.S.: 72%
Mexico: 29%
England: 26%
France: 26%
Germany: 19%

Top five countries that Canadians would most like to visit in the future or visit again, by percentage:
England: 29%
Australia: 25%
U.S.: 23%
Italy: 22%
France: 21%