Chinese city handing out cash to buyers of ‘green’ cars International

Beijing –Chinese metropolis Guangzhou is now handing out 10,000 yuan, roughly $1,600 Cdn, in cash to car owners who purchase vehicles powered by new, alternative energy sources.

Out of 17,880 new licence plates approved by the government in the populated southern city, over 1,200 are earmarked for “green cars”, the People’s Daily reported.

However, car sellers said the cash incentive was still not enough to lure buyers.

“On an average, we sell two to three cars per month, but altogether we have only sold 10 green cars so far. Not that many,” said Yu Weitao, a sales consultant.

Some of the main challenges customers face are price and support facilities.

He, a Guangzhou resident, said new energy cars were “pretty expensive”, and refilling petrol and recharging electricity “are big problems now”.

In Shenzhen, a city down south from Guangzhou, a new green car is being sold at 170,000 yuan ($27,000). Buyers are also entitled to 80,000 yuan ($12,500) worth of subsidy, putting the car price at only 90,000 yuan ($14,000). IANS