Cheaper to heat home this winter than previous years

Chilly weather is well on its way, which usually means you will soon have to start paying more to heat your home. However, Joyce Wagner with Fortis BC says things could be different this year.

“The cost of gas today as oppose to what we were seeing earlier, we’re seeing some of the lowest gas costs in over a decade, so that’s certainly a benefit to our customers today.”

She adds the space and water heating in your home account for about 60 per cent of a homes total energy cost.

“If people can make sure that their major appliances are running efficiently and smoothly and safely, they’ll really benefit from that,” Wagner says.

There have already been a few warnings that it’s going to be a bad winter so being prepared is vital. Over the weekend the Grouse Grind in North Vancouver was closed after about 20 centimetres of snow fell at the alpine.