Cancer cases in Punjab on the rise

CHANDIGARH-Cancer cases are on the rise in the state. This has come to light following a door-to-door survey conducted in Faridkot district by the Health Department. “However, the situation is not that alarming as being projected by certain quarters,” said Dr Piyara Lal, incharge of the cancer survey project.

A door-to-door survey of 94,700 houses was conducted as a pilot project in Faridkot, he said, adding as many as 850 cancer cases came to light. Besides, 935 deaths due to cancer were reported in the last five years.

“There are 2,675 suspected cases. Of the total population of 6.18 lakh in Faridkot, 5.21 lakh people were been examined during the survey. The remaining will be covered before the end of this week,” he said.

“From the suspected cases, which have been identified on the basis of 12 symptoms, we expect that there will be no more than 250 cases of cancer, taking the number of confirmed cases to 1,100,” he said, adding: “This means, the number of cancer cases in Faridkot is less than 200 per one lakh people”.

Compared to the average figure at the national level, the incidence of the disease was on the higher side, but as compared to developed countries, the figure was far less, Dr Piyara Lal said.

He said during the survey, doctors and paramedical staff also educated the people. “Pregnant women were told to ensure that they breastfeed their babies to avoid breast cancer. People were told not to chew tobacco and avoid smoking. We also told the people that in case of doubt, the person concerned should get himself examined from a qualified medical doctor for an early detection of the disease”