Canadian Red Cross Launches No Bullying Campaign

VANCOUVER – Can you imagine…no bullying? We can.

Members of the Canadian Red Cross Violence and Abuse Prevention Program Team and Global Morning News’s Steve Darling launched an anti-bullying campaign, Imagine…No Bullying, with the premiere screening of the film, How to Help: A Youth Perspective on Bullying in Vancouver on Friday (September 21).

The movie was screened at Vancity Theatre – Vancouver International Film Centre, Seymour Street and Youth who participated in the short film shared their heart-felt stories of how they experienced bullying and how people can help stop it.

It was A Youth Perspective on Bullying with Screening of film and dialogue with youth.

The anti-bullying campaign wants to emphasize on the negative effects of bullying and hopes to instill in youth the damaging consequences it can have on people who suffer bullying. By making people aware of this the team hopes to slowly reduce and possibly altogether eliminate bullying among youth.