Canada gets tough on fraud marriages

  • According to the new rule sponsored spouse will have to wait for five years to sponsor a new spouse
  • Indo-Canadian community welcomes new step, feels it will bring the much abused family system back on track
  • Another proposed change will require sponsored spouse remain in with their sponsor for two years or more after receiving PR status

By Surbhi Bhatia

The Indo-Canadian community has welcomed new changes introduced by Canada, on Friday, to crack down on fraud marriages.

According to the new rule sponsored spouses or partners will have to wait for five year from the day they are granted permanent residence status in Canada to sponsor a new spouse or partner. Until now, a sponsored spouse or partner arriving in Canada as a permanent resident could leave their sponsor and sponsor another spouse or partner themselves, while their original sponsor was still financially responsible for them for up to three years.

The rule comes in the wake of increasing marriage frauds in Canada where people from other countries marry a Canadian just to get permanent residency status.


  1. Once again we are using a sledge hammer to fix a problem that is better fixed with much smaller weapon. This will create many situations of abuse, going both ways – female and male. The divorce rate is over 50%, we are telling people who come to Canada that cannot get leave their spouse for valid reasons without being “jailed” to their marriage for 7 years. Come on, are you really serious? People have the right to do all sorts of things when it comes to their personal well being, telling someone that if they decide to get divorced, they can’t remarry someone from another country for a period of five years, that is unconstitutional. I think Kenney needs to go back to the drawing board because this is plain stupid.

  2. I am in total agreement with Kenny. There is too much fraud and miss use of Canadians generosity when it comes to accepting immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers. Over 23 billion dollars a year spent on immigration and it does not do much for our economy. The only solution is if you don’t like the rules you are free to return to your place of birth!!!

  3. Cheryl,

    would you get married if someone told you if it didn’t work out, you couldn’t remarry for another 5 years?

    How many real marriages fail within the first couple of years?

    I agree that the process of prostituting one self to get into Canada is not something that should be allowed. We really don’t want people here of that ilk. But majority of the marriages from India are for the longterm, what this rule does is it will force that small percentage of marriages of convenience but it will also force someone in an abusive relationship to stay in that relationship because we just closed another door on them. I believe that rather than putting on a such a longterm jail sentence, its immigration that needs to a better job of determining whether a marriage is legit or it isn’t. That may mean increasing the processing fees to cover off the extra cost.

    On the cost of 23 billion, most of that if not all of it is recovered. I am an immigrant but consider myself a Canadian. I pay more in income taxes that the average family income, I pay to get surgeries and procedures done for my kids so they don’t have to wait months for MSP to pick up the tab. I have only collected EI when I was maternity leave with my three kids, twice it got clawed back because my income level was too high. So for you to say that immigrants don’t do much for the economy, you must not have left your home in the last 3 decades.

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