Big Win For Sikh Youth Slate In Surrey-Delta Gurdwara Election


Sikh Youth Slate completed a resounding victory over Chhina Slate in the Surrey-Delta Gurdwara Election that were held on Sunday. The Sikh Youth Slate won by a huge margin of almost 6000 votes.
Now, the Sikh Youth Slate are returning for another term as Guru Nanak Sikh Gurdwara’s executive committee after this landslide victory.

The 18-member Sikh Youth Slate – with three returning members from the previous committee, including incoming president Rajinder Singh Dhaliwal – came in with nearly 10,300 votes – the opposing Chhina Slate at only 4,300.

Gurdwara members voted at Princess Margaret Secondary School on Sunday, with results coming in around 1 a.m. Monday.

The election of a new committee comes every three years and this year the gurdwara society hired a third party, Ron Laufer, to run the election.

The new executive committee will take office as of Jan. 1.

The youth slate was voted in as executive committee in 2010 and the new committee plans to continue the programs and services the previous group started.