BCIT’s Faculty and Staff prepare for Monday strike

Members of the BCIT Faculty and Staff Association (FSA) are preparing to resume strike action on Monday, December 3rd. This follows unsuccessful negotiations with BCIT this past week and the complete lack of a meaningful response from the provincial government.

“BCIT can’t negotiate with us over wages and the Minister of Advanced Education won’t speak to us. The Premier, who consistently uses BCIT as a backdrop for news conferences about skills training for the BC economy is silent. Our members have had enough,” said FSA President Teresa Place.

“Unless the provincial government authorizes BCIT to negotiate wages that match those of other post-secondary institutions, we will be on the picket line on Monday,” said Place.

It is expected that some students in nursing, part-time studies and other areas will lose their terms. Premier Christy Clark’s government has the coming weekend to avert this loss for many hundreds of BCIT students who are integral to the BC Jobs Plan and BC Skills and Training Plan. “Our phone lines are open, but we have yet to hear from the government,” said Place.

“We made proposals to BCIT to save the term for these students. BCIT rejected them and did not advance their own ideas to ensure students can complete their courses,” said Place.

FSA picketing is planned for all BCIT campuses, except the Aerospace Training Centre and the Pacific Marine Training Centre, from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (7:00 am to 5:00 pm for Centre for Applied Research and Innovation and the Great Northern Way campuses).

The BCIT Faculty and Staff Association is the largest bargaining unit among BC’s colleges and institutes, representing over 1,400 employees of BCIT, including technology and part-time studies faculty, assistant instructors, technical staff, researchers, curriculum development professionals, librarians, program advisors and counselors.