BC loses 11,000 jobs

BC suffered the biggest setback in job loss, while little changed in other provinces in October, according to Statistics Canada.

The federal agency says the number of workers declined in the province by 11,000 last month. Despite the loss, the unemployment rate fell 0.3 percentage points to 6.7 per cent, the agency said, as fewer people participated in the labour force.

Overall, the country’s unemployment rate remained unchanged at 7.4 per cent, as the economy added a meagre 1,800 jobs.

There were also fewer Canadians reporting they were self employed in September.

However, many estimates before the report called for thousands of jobs to be created last month.

The October result brings the total of jobs created in Canada over the past 12 months to 229,000, all full-time, for a gain of 1.3 per cent, slightly below the growth rate in the economy.

Statistics Canada said the biggest loss last month came in agriculture, which shed about 16,000 workers, while the biggest gain was in education services, which added 16,200. There was little change in the key industries of manufacturing, construction and natural resources.

Overall, the economy’s goods producing industries lost 19,300 jobs, while the services sector added 21,000.

The biggest gain was in Quebec, which saw 20,100 jobs added, while the biggest loss came in British Columbia, which reported 10,900 fewer jobs.