B.C.’S strong credit rating helps create jobs

By Premier Christy Clark

Our government’s BC Jobs Plan is continuing to pay dividends for families across the province. At a time when governments around the world are struggling with massive debt and credit downgrades, BC’s economy is soaring. In fact just over a week ago, all three major credit-rating agencies sent a strong message about the world’s view of BC’s economy.

Our government’s hard-earned AAA credit rating was confirmed again this year. And, as a result, so was BC’s position as a safe harbour for investment in global economic stormy seas.

When we attract investment, we protect and create jobs. And just this past week,
Statistics Canada showed that the number of British Columbians receiving an
Employment Insurance cheque is down 17% from last year. Those are families that can now depend on a job to provide for the people they love.

Our government is striving to help families get ahead and we’re also working to keep families safe. This week we announced a major expansion of our provincial Amber Alert system. All 30,000 government employees will now receive an email or text message when an Amber Alert goes out. That means 30,000 additional sets of eyes looking for a missing child, and making sure they get home safely to their family. And London Drugs is joining us as one of the very first private partners, so all their employees will get Amber Alerts too.

Our government is working to make life better for families, and these developments this week go a long way toward helping us achieve our goal.


  1. The NDP presented three balanced budgets in a row, and the Auditor General’s report for their last year in office (2000-2001) showed a surplus of 1.5 Billion Dollars. Those are the facts, not the lies reported by Gordon Campbell at that time. What have the Liberals done? Presented NO balanced budgets, but left us deeper in debt than at any other time in our history. The Liberals have never governed by a majority vote, but remained in power only because the Greens split the last election. The Liberals have also been the most corrupt, inefficient government in B.C.’s history. They gave away BC Rail to their friends ( Patrick Kinsella) and will not call any iquiry to get the truth as to why we ( you and I) paid 6 million dollars of hush money to Birk and Vasi for their legal fees – Very fishy – That is because Christy and the rest of her cohorts will likely be shown for their illegal activities as well. Christy is done – time for new government. We need an honest government working for all people not just Christy’s government working for her rich friends and corporations.

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