Ayurveda to reduce stress

We live in truly stressful times, where every day, our body and mind is subject to the ravages of our daily routine. All this can take a toll on one’s health if not addressed timely and in a proper way. Mantra, The Vedic Spa, offers a permanent solution from some of the lifestyle diseases through Ayurveda.

Mental stress: Our daily life is full of physical and mental challenges which tend to affect our metabolism, and this results in complications like high blood pressure, heartproblems, mental imbalance etc. Stress occurs due to access of thinking without giving rest to the brain. This imbalance happens due to three functional factors (doshas) Vata, Pitta and Kapha.
Treatment: Shirodhara, Ksheerdhara, Takra Dhara, Shirobasti, Sarvangdhara.

Joint pain: In autumn, cold wind in the atmosphere causes Vata and Kapha aggravation in the body which leads to collect Aam (a toxic substance due to improper digestion) at the joint tissues. This pain generally affects wrist joint, knee joint and finger joints.

Treatment: Abhyanga, Churna Swedanam, Patrapotali Swedanam, Sarvang Dhara, Anuvasan Basti, Niruh Basti, Herbal steam.

Skin disease: Rainy season brings in humid weather and excessive sweating which cause burning, itching etc. Scrubbing those sweaty parts leads to redness which is called Shita-Pitta in Ayurveda. As per Ayurveda skin disorders may also arise due to psychological problems like stress, sleeplessness, memory loss, high BP, and these problems also affect your skin adversely.

Treatment: Mukhlepanam, Hastpad Soundaryam, Kesh Saundaryam, Ayurvedic Snanam, Shirodhara Weight management: Diet recommendation and body analysis; with a combination of detoxification therapy for healthy skin is what Ayurveda recommends.

Treatment: Shirodhara for relaxation of brain; anti-cellulite oil massage for reduction of cellulite; Udhavartanam massage for reduction of Subcutaneous fat and Vasp Shwedanam(steam) with diet counselling.