At 82, man advertises for wife

Age 82 Man

London — An 82-year-old man in the US has advertised for love with a sign around his neck. The applicants are expected to be over 60, love books and have a good sense of humour.

At first site one can tell what Oregon’s Sandy McCulloch wants as soon as you see him, and the sign dangling from his neck where his hopes are printed in bold, capital letters: “Wanted: a wife.”
“People look for a wife for different reasons when they are 20 or 25 than when they are my age,” he said. “I’m looking for companionship.”

Having gone through three divorces before turning 40, McCulloch feels he’s learned from his mistakes. Describing his younger self as an emotional cripple, he now claims to know what not to do in a relationship, Daily Mail reported.

McCulloch was inspired to try this unorthodox courting method last month when he met a grey-haired volunteer greeter at Good Samaritan Regional Medical Centre who suggested he could try as there were plenty of single women at the hospital.

She suggested he could wear a sign around his neck to let them know he was in the market. –IANS