Asha Goel Murder

Ottawa police did not act on phone records, says investigator

Canadian authorities didn’t act on phone records presented to them years ago crucial to the probe of an Ontario doctor’s slaying in India in 2003, a private investigator says.

The records were pertinent to the investigation into the slaying of Dr. Asha Goel, who was found dead from severe injuries in her brother’s Mumbai apartment on Aug. 23, 2003, says Dave Wilson, the investigator.

Wilson said the records revealed phone calls between Mumbai and Ottawa just before Goel’s death. The Mumbai number was registered to her brother, Suresh Agrawal, who Mumbai police implicated in the homicide. The Ottawa number was registered to another brother, Subhash Agrawal.

Subhash Agrawal, who resides in Ottawa, was not in India at the time of the homicide and has not been investigated or charged by Canadian authorities.

Wilson, a retired RCMP officer, was hired in 2005 by the family of the doctor, who had worked as the chief of obstetrics and gynecology at Headwaters Health Centre in Orangeville, Ont.

Mumbai police believe Subhash Agrawal conspired with Suresh Agrawal, who died of natural causes just after Goel’s death, to kill her. They issued a warrant for Subhash Agrawal’s arrest in 2006, but he has appealed and the matter is before the courts in India.

In addition to the Agrawal brothers, Mumbai police have implicated three other men.

Police in Mumbai allege the motive for Goel’s killing was her intervention in a dispute over her father’s multimillion dollar estate. Goel’s family alleges the two brothers wanted to split the estate between themselves, leaving nothing for a third brother.

Subhash Agrawal has denied he had anything to do with Goel’s death and said in a statement to CBC News that he had “absolutely no financial gain which could flow as a consequence of her murder.”
“These allegations, made by other family members, that I should be investigated or charged, are utterly false and without merit, and unsupported by any evidence whatsoever over the past nine years,” he wrote.

CBC News reported last month, Mumbai police said they have made repeated requests to the Canadian government for Agrawal’s bank and phone records, but have had no co-operation from Canadian authorities.