Arbitrage(PG) * * *

Power Play!

High stakes capital comes home to roost on a billionaire in Abritrage, a sexy thriller from Alliance Films now raking in the cash at the Empire Studio 12, International Village Cinemas, Colossus and Cineplex Odeon Theatre around B.C.

Money = power and power corrupts. Some folks with gobs of money think they can get away with anything. That’s the lifestyle that handsome Robert Miller projects. In a bit of perfect casting Richard Gere takes over where Michael Douglas left as a free spirited high rolling Wall Street financier up to his neck in political intrigue of the shady variety. Married to compliant wife Ellen and with two grown children Robert takes a lot for granted. Susan Sarandon and Brit Marling are highly effective as the family women in Robert’s life. Oh, but lets not forget about the “other” woman.

Time and time again we here about infidelity. Though there’s nothing terribly new in the plot of Arbitrage the performancy es here showing desperation and the power of the rich are terrific. Gere has neve looked better and he ices this character with finesse. And the atmosphere of the powerful world of high level executives is well in tune with the times.

Director Nicholas Jarecki also wrote this story and it can be taken directly from the pages of the business news or gossip columns. One hour and forty seven minutes clearly explores the desperation one man will encounter as he does what he can to stay alive. Family salvation and business empire are left hanging in the balance as you’ll be glued to your seats awaiting the outcome.

Guessing games are fun to behold and tandem assaults of big business, sex and a murder or two all figure prominently in this jarring tale about greed, cover-up and the depths some folks will go to in order to retain their “position”. Here the shady world of high finance and the facade leaders in the industry must keep up will have folks thinking twice about where their real investment dollars wind up .

Smart and stylish, Arbitrage is an effect tale of folks who take advantage of others and the difficulty of seeking justice.