APD Officer arrests Bank Robber before 911 was called

Abbotsford – On Friday, August 10 at 4:00 pm, a 22 year old man entered a financial institution in the 31900 block of South Fraser Way. An 18 year old female accomplice was waiting in a taxi nearby with an unsuspecting cab driver. The suspect approached the teller and produced a note and made demands for cash. He also intonated that he had a weapon. The man received a small amount of cash and quickly fled the bank on foot. As he ran toward the waiting taxi, he began removing clothing to change his appearance.

Nearby an Abbotsford Police officer in plainclothes observed the actions of the fleeing man. He immediately broadcast his observations and moved quickly to intercept the suspect. In a matter of moments the officer stopped the taxi and contained the suspect and accomplice in the vehicle. Additional APD officers arrived on scene and assisted with the arrest of the duo. The 18 year old female has no previous criminal history, but the 22 year old man is well known to Abbotsford Police and was wanted on a Canada wide warrant for being unlawfully at large.

Quick thinking and an equally quick response by this officer resulted in the arrest of the bank robber and the accomplice just as the Abbotsford Police Department was receiving details of the incident from bank staff.