Altar Boyz (G) * * * * *

Jesus Live!


Fun for your and old can be had with a visit to take in Altar Boyz, a dynamic and refreshing 90 minute musical comedy from the Arts Club Theatre. Perfect for any time of year this show boasts five talented young men with a passion for music and religion.

Give me that old time religion is at the core of this Bill Millerd directed show. Here the tenets of Christian living are turned on their ears as these bible thumping characters create havoc on a whole host of religious issues. Names taken from the Bible come in handy when Mathew, Luke, Mark, Juan and Abraham do their best to convert the unwashed.

Smart dialogue, crisp delivery and snappy lively songs make Altar Boyz memorable entertainment. Even the audience gets caught up in the act as the odd spectator gets tossed up stage to undergo a serenade of sorts by one of these pleasant lads.

At the core of this story is humanity and warmth, all wrapped up in some crazy mutterings about religious rites and practices that will surely leave you laughing in the aisles.
Each member of this talented cast has supreme voices and dancing talent that would easily land them on dancing with the stars. Lone Latin master Michael Culp has lots of jokes while Geoff Stevens brings the house down as Mark, a bit of an outcast with a very lanky body and rather