Ads, Enforcement Ramp Up To Counter Impaired Driving

VANCOUVER – “Will I get caught?” is the million-dollar question for drinking drivers as the government dedicates more funding to enforcing B.C.’s tough impaired-driving laws and promotes responsible driving decisions at key locations where alcohol is served.

As summer Counter Attack road checks ramp up in July, about $1 million will be added to enhance traffic enforcement budgets. This will increase the number of police roadblocks and the likelihood of catching those who ignore warnings about drinking and driving, as well as those who drive while impaired by drugs.

Those warnings will continue in related awareness advertising. A TV ad airing throughout June has reminded drivers to take their turn as a designated driver, and a CounterAttack TV ad begins airing province-wide July 2. Designated driver messaging – highlighted in bars, restaurants, wineries, golf courses and sports venues throughout the year – will also be prominent at special events this summer.

Police will use the additional enforcement funding to set up multiple roadblocks at specific times and in new locations, as well as using other enforcement tactics to help make B.C. roads safer over the Canada Day long weekend and into the summer vacation season.


Shirley Bond, Minister of Justice and Attorney General – “We know people want to enjoy themselves this summer – whether it’s at a family barbecue, a winery or after a round of golf. We just want them to plan ahead if they’re going to drink. An awareness campaign in places where alcohol is consumed will be reminding everyone to ensure they have a safe ride home. Today we’re also supporting enforcement so that people who don’t make the smart choice will face the consequences. For those who decide to drink and drive there is a good chance they’ll get caught. Summer CounterAttack will be focused on both awareness and enforcement. This summer, please make the smart choice and plan for a safe ride home.”