Abbotsford Police Warn Women About This Man

ABBOTSFORD – Abbotsford Police are warning women in the Lower Mainland to be careful about this man. .

Forty-three-year-old John James St Jean has more than two dozen convictions, many related to domestic violence. That’s why police are advising women to be on alert.

“Although the bulk of those offences were against women who he was in relationships with, this man is violent or at least has demonstrated violence in his past, by that alone I would suggest that anything is possible,” explains Cst. Ian MacDonald.

“He currently has conditions that he is to disclose his criminal past to anyone that he would get into an intimate relationship with, moreover, he is not to be found in the city of Abbotsford.”

MacDonald says this warning is part of their crackdown on domestic violence cases which he says happen almost everyday.

“We don’t think that there is an acceptable amount of domestic violence, and given this man’s history, we need to the let the public know about him.”