Abbotsford police seize $10,000 in counterfeit MAC cosmetics

ABBOTSFORD: On Sunday, April 15 at 11:30 am Abbotsford Police Patrol Division officers were walking through the Abbotsford Flea Market at 32470 Haida Drive when they observed a table displaying a large amount of MAC cosmetics for sale.

The officers spoke with the 26 year old vendor from Vancouver and examined the items which were being offered for sale at prices well below retail/store pricing. After the man offered several inconsistent stories about how the product was obtained, and failed to produce any receipts or paperwork, the items were seized by police in order to determine their authenticity.

On Wednesday, April 18 a representative for MAC cosmetics confirmed that the seized products were in fact counterfeit.

This investigation is continuing.

The Abbotsford Police Department wants to warn consumers about the potential safety hazards that can be associated with the use of counterfeit cosmetics. As these items are intended to be placed on your face and near your eyes, there are obvious risks to your health should the products contain contaminants or ingredients that are in and of themselves harmful.