Abbotsford Police Seeking to Locate Injured 13 Year Old Boy

Abbotsford Police located Alex MOLINA in the area of Gladwin and Maclure Roads. He has been taken for medical assessment.

Earlier, Just after 6 pm on September 12, a boy appeared at a housing complex in the 33200 block of Maclure Road. Witnesses spoke to the boy who appeared to have a head injury. His head was partially covered with a bloodied green shirt that was being used as a makeshift bandage. The boy was recognized as Alex James THORNE, who also goes by the name Alex James MOLINA.

Alex has been missing from his home since September 7. He was unwilling to remain at the complex and was last seen heading north from that point on foot. Abbotsford Police Patrol Division officers, a K9 unit and a police helicopter have been searching for the injured boy since. Additional resources are being mustered as the search continues now in darkness.

Alex is 6