74-year-old woman killed while crossing road in Whalley

A 74-year-old Surrey woman, Pavitter Johal, was killed when she was jaywalking at a busy road in Whalley area on Friday.

Johal died in hospital after a Pontiac Pursuit hit her at 5:30 pm when she was trying to cross the road on 123 Street of 96th Avenue.

Despite ongoing efforts to enforce traffic safety throughout the city, pedestrian-involved motor vehicle collisions are still occurring. This is now the eleventh traffic fatality of the year of which almost half have involved pedestrians.

RCMP said Johal wasn’t using a crosswalk. As for the driver, “at this time there is no evidence to suggest speed, alcohol or drug use on the part of the driver.”

On Friday morning two Surrey children were taken to hospital with leg injuries after being hit by cars while they were walking to school.

“It sounds like they’re going to be OK,” Surrey RCMP spokesman Curtis Harling said.

A car struck a 13-year-old boy at 82nd Avenue and Scott Road just after 8 a.m. About half an hour later, a nine-year-old child was struck while walking at 64th Avenue and 132nd Street. The collisions are still under investigation. Grainger said pedestrians and motorists need to be “more mindful” of one another.