2-Year-Old Girl Killed In Surrey

A two-year-old girl was killed after hitting a car in Surrey Wednesday night.

It happened around 8:45pm in the 13400 block of 83-A Avenue.

RCMP Staff Sergeant Blair McColl says the girl had been riding a small, plastic cycle.

“Early investigations indicate the child had ridden down a driveway and into the vehicle as it drove past in the alley behind the address in question.”

McColl adds charges against the driver are unlikely.

“At this point there are no indications that there will be any charges. No indication of speed, alcohol, anything like that… we still are investigating but the early indication is that the child rode into the vehicle… it wasn’t the other way around.”

The toddler was out on her plastic trike in the company of her five-year-old sister at about 8:45 p.m. The pair were riding their bikes back and forth in a laneway near the back of their house and their mother was nearby.

Surrey RCMP report that a 51-year-old male driver with his own children in the vehicle was driving westbound down the lane when the younger girl darted out in front of him and struck his Saturn.

Police say the driver was not going at a high rate of speed, or impaired, but may have had poor visibility, due to obstruction by parked cars along the lane.

Police are warning parents and drivers, especially in light of a child swimming pool drowning death earlier in the week, to use extra caution and be vigilant in supervising children who are out playing later in the summer months.