16-Year-Old Charged In Brutal Beating Up Of Guard Hoshiar Singh Bajwa

By Sunil Narula

Hoshiar Singh Bajwa

A 16-year-old youth has been charged with “aggravated assault” on 64-year-old security guard Hoshiar Singh Bajwa, who was brutally beaten up by three Caucasian youth while on duty in Port Coquitlam in October.

In an unprovoked attack, Bajwa was assaulted so mercilessly by these three youth that he ended up getting more than 100 stitches across his face and head and is still recuperating at home.
Now the RCMP have charged this 16-year-old youth but are refusing to give any further details.

RCMP Cpl. Jamie Chung says investigators are seeking the public’s help in providing information about others who were involved in the beating.

“We cannot name the youth due to the Youth Criminal Justice Act,” said Corporal Jamie Chung. “Our investigation is not over yet. We are still examining other pieces of evidence. We are urging anyone with information, no matter how trivial you think it is, to come forward. It could be just the bit of information we need to bring those responsible to justice.”

The important question is why is the police not coming out with the motive of this heinous crime? By all accounts, it appears to be a clear case of hate crime. This old South Asian man was just doing his duty and for no apparent reason he was assaulted by three Caucasian youth. Nothing was stolen from the site. So, what other reason could it be?

The police have spoken with this youth. OK, they cannot give his name because of his age. But after speaking with him, have they still not been able to figure out what their motive in attacking Bajwa was?

It was early morning Sunday in October with pouring rain, when Bajwa was patrolling a construction site at Pitt River Community Middle School on Tyner Street in Port Coquitlam.

It was around 3 a.m. when Bajwa saw a man jump the fence and went over to talk to him. The man said he needed help because he was being chased by two guys.

Bajwa didn’t see the two other men who jumped him from behind, until they grabbed him and started beating him with one of the many metal rods lying around the site.

Even when Bajwa fell to the ground helpless, his attackers continued the assault, beating him and kicking him about 50 to 70 times for what felt like 10 minutes, said Bajwa. All the blows were to his head. When they were done, the men fled and left Bajwa lying in a pool of blood.

Dazed and in pain, Bajwa managed to call 911 and his family.

It took more than 100 stitches to close the wounds to Bajwa’s head.

The beating was so severe doctors said he could lose vision in that eye, said Bajwa’s son Baljeet.

Now Bajwa’s family is left wondering what the motive could be for the assault, whether it was an attempted robbery, a racially motivated attack or someone’s idea of a sick prank.
“It was a planned attack,” said Baljeet. “They were looking for a soft target.”

Arvinder Tanesar, Bajwa’s supervisor at Canuck Security, said nothing was stolen from the site.

Bajwa has been with the company for about two years and was an “excellent employee” and “very polite,” he said: “It is really very bad. I can’t express my words. We can’t imagine who would do something like this,” Tanesar told The Edmonton Journal.

Bajwa had described the three men as Caucasian and in their mid-20s. One was about five foot eight, while the other two were about five foot five.

“It sickens me that such a senseless and cowardly attack happened for no apparent reason,” Baldev Grewal, Bajwa’s nephew told The Edmonton Journal. “Hate crime or not, this cowardly attack on a senior is appalling.”