Rajinder Soomel

Killers of Rajinder Soomel lose appeal: Kevin Jones and Colin Stewart, who were convicted by a jury of the first-degree murder of Rajinder Soomel, who was shot to death in an execution-style killing on busy Cambie Street in Vancouver on September 29, 2009, have lost their appeals of their convictions in the B.C. Court of Appeal. Soomel was killed in a case of mistaken identity as the killers were really after Randy Naicker of the Independent Soldiers gang who had been released from prison on parole on September 24 and was living in the same halfway house.



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Former taxi driver loses appeal: Gurpreet Singh Gill, a former Yellow Cab taxi driver, has lost his appeal in the B.C. Court of Appeal against his three-year sentence for a 2012 sexual assault on his 27-year-old female passenger. “The judge was entitled to place no weight on the “brief risk assessment” of Dr. Robert Ley that he described as “speculative and provisional” because Mr. Gill would not discuss the particulars of his offence or reveal his thoughts, feelings and motives at the time of the offence. The sentence was entirely fit in the circumstances, if not at the low end of the acceptable range,” according to the summary of the ruling released this week.


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