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City of Burnaby “extremely disappointed and concerned” about Province’s approval of Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Derek Corrigan

THE City of Burnaby is surprised and extremely disappointed and concerned, to hear that the provincial government has given environmental approval, with conditions, to the Kinder Morgan pipeline proposal, Burnaby Mayor Derek Corrigan said in a statement on Wednesday.

Corrigan said: “The government has acknowledged the significant adverse effects the project will cause to vegetation, old growth forest and wildlife habitat and falsely suggests that these effects, including the crossing of 538 wetlands, can be satisfactorily mitigated. In their Summary Assessment Report they even note the NEB’s admission that even without a spill “the operation of Project-related marine vessels is likely to result in significant adverse effects to the southern resident killer whale”. Shockingly, the provincial government has given environmental approval in spite of these facts.
“Unlike the Premier of Alberta [Rachel Notley], Christy Clark has done absolutely nothing to achieve commitments from [Prime Minister] Justin Trudeau that might help to protect the interests of British Columbia. Once again, B.C. is playing second fiddle to Alberta. We take the risks while Alberta takes the cash.
It is clear to me that Rachel Notley was working very hard in Ottawa to get what she wanted. Christy Clark was nowhere to be seen. In late November, Prime Minister Trudeau made the announcement approving the Kinder Morgan pipeline without even referring to British Columbia’s supposed opposition.
“It is embarrassing that B.C. has had such weak representation on such a critically important issue. Christy Clark has been out-gunned, out-muscled and out-thought by Rachel Notley and British Columbia will pay a heavy price.
“Luckily, we have a provincial election coming up in May, so the people of B.C. can be heard. British Columbians don’t like weak leaders and Christy Clark has shown herself to be among the weakest in Canada.”

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2 Comments for “City of Burnaby “extremely disappointed and concerned” about Province’s approval of Kinder Morgan Pipeline”

  1. No toxic, tar sands for Vancouver harbour. A spill from a tanker down into Vancouver harbour will hurt Vancouver’s business base, as companies will have to close. The tanker corporations do not have any world-class equipment to clean-up a spill. When companies leave, Vancouver tax base will disappear. Vancouver will lose tourism jobs and future businesses, as tourists and companies tend to shy away from contaminated areas, and companies will not locate in Vancouver. Some messes cannot be clean-up, they can only be stopped, before they happen. The tar sands should not be permitted to reach Burnaby.

  2. What D. Corrigan (NDP) said is completely not true… there are guarantees to hire BC workers first, a billion dollars in profit sharing, 1.6 billion dollars coastal safety upgrades were negotiated with Ottawa, etc… No one should be fooled by Corrigan and his NDP election posturing.

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