The Voice Group, Publishers of Voice, Awaaz newspapers, Indo-Canadian Business Pages and Desi Today Magazine, Canada’s Largest Group of Indo-Canadian Publications.

VOICE has a weekly readership of 92,500
Total Circulation 25000

Awaaz has a weekly readership of 86,950
Total Circulation 23500

The VOICE is a weekly newspaper which caters to the growing South Asian population. The VOICE deals with the facts and issues that effect South Asian Community with emphasis being place on South Asian’s residing in British Columbia. Besides news coverage from around the world effecting South Asians, The Voice has International , & National news, and local community events news as well. The Voice Also has a section devoted to World news related to South Asians. There are also sections from our regular columnists, community calendar, home improvement, classifieds, auto reviews, and a real estate pull-out section. There is also a Bollywood section with celebrity profiles, movie reviews, audio/cd reviews, sports coverage, horoscopes recipes and “Little” Voice a special Kids Page. And coming soon a new feature “ASK Aunti Ji”. Stay tuned.

This newspaper is distributed free of charge throughout the community at high traffic South Asian businesses. Advertising in the VOICE will increase your business profile in the South Asian community and in turn, your support within our community will become a NEW revenue generating source in your organization.